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The Magnolia Mama Photoshoot

This shoot was especially meaningful for me, as it was for my friends Ben and Jess' maternity photos!

Jess has always believed in my crazy fashion projects. She really made me feel like it was something I could seriously pursue. "Your art could change the world," she told me one night in one of our many get togethers with friends. No wonder she is such an amazing teacher- her encouraging words were dynamite for me. And she has already proven to be an amazing mother as well.

Who's that girl? It's JESS.

Hot Mama!

Can you tell what those flowers are made of?

The unconventional materials for this shoot were . . . Diapers! But don't worry- they weren't used!;) With gold paint and some sparkles in the middle, we were going for Magnolia- inspired flora.

Ben and Jess are the couple that you meet and you just know they were always meant to be together. The way they love each other, family and friends, and life are what couple goals are made of.

And did I mention Ben and Jess have the best sense of humor?

Loved this shoot and all those great times we had in Colorado. Thank you for giving me the chance to document such an exciting time! Congratulations Ben and Jess on your sweet boy!

Photos by: Kelly Champlin

August 2020

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