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The Great Salt Flats Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

150 yards of tulle. All sewn as a gigantic skirt.

Try fitting that into a carry on bag.

Somehow, oh somehow I did!

Let me back up.

The salt flats stretch as this incredible white plain- that could almost pass for snow.

A still and frozen ocean.

All made of salt.

Having seen the incredible salt flats and the amazing shots taken there, I yearned to get a chance to try it myself.

It so happened that for Thanksgiving, we would be visiting my aunt and uncle in Salt Lake City, Utah. After asking my beautiful cousin, Tavia, if we could drive the two hours to the spot to model the giant skirt, she agreed!

For a more in depth video of the trip- check out our Fashion Video on my channel here:

And so, while many were out shopping on Black Friday, Tavia and I ventured out to the Bonneville Salt flats.

As you can see, she was a natural in front of the camera.

This was one of my first strong photoshoots. Other shoots I had tried previously didn't always have the best lighting, or perhaps the scenes were too distracting for the outfits.

After taking these photos, my love for fashion photography grew tenfold.

My cousin was such a joy to work with! Not only her beauty, but Tavia's energetic, playful, and happy spirit definitely fled into these photos. What a fantastic experience and trip with my cousin!

Tulle next time, then!;)

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