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The Bubble Wrap Bride Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When you have too much bubble wrap, you just make art!

The cheapest bubble wrap per square inch stood as the giant roll at Walmart. So, naturally, like any thrifty art teacher, I bought the amount in bulk.

I'll use it eventually, I thought.

I did, just not in the way one might expect.

Thanks to my newly wed friend Shannon . . . here are the results

2020's Pandemic. Causing sure pandemonium amidst weddings across the globe.

But my friend Shannon and her fiance, Zach, still tied the knot.

Delaying their reception to a later date to celebrate with all their friends and family, they had an intimate and small family ceremony during the Quartantine.

The bubble wrap skirt I had started months before suddenly wasn't quite complete . . .

And so, I added a second skirt that could create a more "formal" wedding dress.

If bubble wrap could ever be formal.

Then, as I continued my creation, I decided it needed a bubble wrap top. Because why not?

Quarantine Couture!

Thus, came the bubble wrap corset.

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble . . .

#UrbanArt #Community

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