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Techno Tease Photoshoot

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Or should it be called, "VHS is Vintage Now"?;)

Model: Johanna Baker

Hair and Makeup: Linnea Goebel

Design/Photography: Kelly Champlin

When you find a bucket of old projector slides at a Reuse/Recycle Store, you buy many, then you make art!

When you have two old VHS tapes(from your mom) that don't work anymore, and let's face it, nothing to play it on anyway, you just make art!

Who would have known that VHS film was such a great trim material?

While both materials are very reflective, we can now reflect on how far technology has come. During the photoshoot, as we we were walking to various spots for the shoot, we all discussed uses of slides. (We had all of course grown up with watching Disney movies on VHS.). While I really only remember overhead projectors and the use of powerpoints with my teachers in school, Linnea(our fabulous makup artist) remembered her teachers using slides.

Do you have projector slides still?

There is something about having that image in your hand. Having a hard copy for light to illustrate and magnify.

Johanna Baker(the beautiful model!) and I met in college around 2010 where we both sang in the Women's Ensemble choir at the University of Northern Colorado. I had made a post on facebook just earlier this year asking if anyone was interested in modeling any of my crazy fashion designs. Jo messaged me and mentioned that she and her friend, the talented Linnea(!) could also do hair and makeup. It had been years since I had seen Jo- and it was such an incredible reunion!

Much to no one's surprise, I am obsessed with Project Runway. Never did I think I could have a moment like the show, in which I could help direct with a makeup artist how the shoot would go! While I gave some ideas, I really can't take any credit for Jo's amazing hair and makeup though. It was definitely all Linnea!! To have her artistic eye on shoot was just fabulous and all three of us had so much fun!

Shooting during the COVID season, was strange. Mom joked that "they cleared the streets for your photoshoot". I wish that was the case! Sadly, the streets were pretty bare due to so many working at home. Downtown Denver lay eerily quiet and was not quite the hustle and bustle of commotion I was used to seeing.

Jo was the best model for this outfit. She helped create the edgy, rockstar look we were going for! While she may look like a badass, she really is the biggest sweetheart. So humble and down to earth! We had so much fun shooting this.

Hoping we can all work as a team in the future again as it was such a blast!

It was easy to SLIDE into a good time;).

Thanks again to my amazing hair and makup artist: Linnea Goebel!

Her incredible artistry along with Johanna Baker's fabulous posing and gorgeous beauty really created these epic shots!

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