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Field of Dreams

Model: Kristin Yaneff

Photography: Kelly Champlin

This dress could have walked out of Vogue.

But instead it was hanging out at Goodwill.

Thrift Store Fashion.

I've always loved dresses and gowns galore, but it wasn't until college through my painting and photography classes that I realized my obsession with fashion. Most of my notes would include dress design doodles in the margins. Much of the subject matter included a dress of some sort.

I was taking a basic photography class at the University of Northern Colorado and we were assigned a series to photograph as our final project.

This was the result.

I call it Thrift Store Fashion!

One of my best friends- Kristin- is stunning with her gorgeous green eyes and red brown hair. An Irish beauty. We were hanging out and I convinced her to model for me.

It would be what I now consider my first play at fashion photography.

An experience that helped me truly realize my love of fashion.

And fashion photoshoots.

One of many to come.

If I had known about all of the exciting photoshoots I would execute down the road after this one . . .

It's funny how one experience can cause a domino effect.

Do you have a passion that ignites your soul?

Something that makes you want to try it again and again?

I hope you find it, that field of dreams.

Dress: A Thrift Store Find;)

Headband: Designed by Kelly Champlin

Model: Kristin Yaneff

Location: Greeley, Colorado

Thanks to the lovely model Kristin Yaneff and my photography professor Dan Rioz!

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